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The mission of Footsteps of Change, Inc. is to provide effective therapy to individuals with developmental disabilities and
their families through evidence-based interventions provided by compassionate and highly-trained staff, thereby restoring hope
for the individuals we serve and their families that growth and change are always possible, regardless of the circumstances.

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Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, or request information via email or phone at (734) 883-2174.

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If you are interested in working with individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities, please contact us. Click here to view a job description.



Footsteps of Change offers services to school districts, families, and community groups. BCBAs are available to
provide school consultation for addressing both challenging behaviors & skill building needs, in-home ABA therapy,
parent training for specific behavior-reduction or skill acquisition needs, assessments, and presentations on
various topics. Each of these services can be tailored to address the needs of individuals of all ages.

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