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Our Story

In 2011, Footsteps of Change, Inc. was founded by Stephanie Bates, M.A., BCBA and Liz Van Dorn, M.S., BCBA in the Chicagoland area. By staying small, the vision of providing high-quality ABA services to individuals of all ages and beyond autism diagnoses was carried out year after year.


While still strongly supporting the mission of Footsteps of Change, Stephanie moved on to the next season in her career and, not long after, Liz moved to Huntsville, AL. Through unanticipated circumstances, Liz was eventually connected with Maura Weaver, M.S., BCBA and Kaylon Carpenter, BCaBA and, in February of 2018, the Footsteps vision was reignited in Huntsville, AL.


After serving as an invaluable part of Footsteps’ success during its first year in Alabama, Kaylon said a bittersweet goodbye as her family began an exciting new season of (beach) life in Florida. Joined by their amazing colleague, Kelsey Jackson, Maura and Liz continue to pursue their vision of positively impacting the Huntsville community by invigorating hope, one step at a time.

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